Having been introduced to taxidermy at the early age of 13, continuing through high school and college I became a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training in 1997. I took an apprenticeship for several years and finally opened my on taxidermy studio in Craig, Colorado in 2004.

I have taken several continuing education courses and classes specializing in Advanced Habitat & Trophy Room Construction.

We have mounted species from all over the world, but my true passion is cats. I probably get the chance to see more cats than the average guy...I am fortunate enough to own my own hounds and hunt all winter long.

Taxidermy to us is not just a process but also artistic expression. We pride ourselves in the quality of work that we produce and hope that it will show in every piece that leaves our studio.




Big Cat Taxidermy  is located in Northwest Colorado.

We specialize  in custom, life- size mounts & game heads from around the world.  We also offer Europeans & Horn Mounts.

 We can arrange all importation from other countries to our studio.

We can ship all our products.

All major credit cards accepted.